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Our Services

Neuropsychological Evaluation

We use state-of-the-art technology and synoptic testing to conduct the most elite, comprehensive, and measurable neuropsychological evaluations. Our evaluations detect sometimes nearly invisible cognitive and behavioral disturbances in key psychometric categories: Learning, Attention, Executive Function, Intelligence, Processing Speed, Fine Motor Skill, Working Memory, Visual-Spatial Ability.

Cognitive Therapy

Based on the psychometric results from the neuropsychological evaluation, our doctors design a customized cognitive treatment plan for every patient. Computer software and theoretical models of brain function are used to inform our therapists as they provide and continuously monitor remediation. The overall purpose of therapy is to restore, reinforce, and/or teach compensatory strategies in order to reach optimal cognitive improvement.

Expert Testimony

Traumatic brain injuries can result in disability, impairment, and related lawsuit— the best medical experts should represent your case. We are 100% committed to providing patients with outstanding patient care, expert depositions and testimony, and dedicated support throughout the process of recovery.

Learning Challenges

We partner with schools, parents, and SAT prep centers to carefully evaluate students for learning challenges that may hinder academic achievement. Our goal is to ensure these challenges are identified and remediated. CCC providers will submit all medical forms necessary to document and request extended time and accommodations for standardized testing.

We can detect even the slightest brain disturbances